Wine Themed Pocket Letter

One of the first ladies I exchanged Pocket Letters with suggested a wine “theme” for our first PL swap. I knew right there and then we would become fast friends! I went to my local craft store and chose my items. When I received her PL, I saw that many of the items she had used, I had just purchased. I decided to switch gears and here is what I created for her. After I completed the project, I sent it to her in a cute wine bag.  She also suggested we write letters to each other between projects and this is where my love for snail mail – and everything related to it – began!




2 thoughts on “Wine Themed Pocket Letter

  1. I love that!! I not into pocket letters but love how you put them together! So creative!! Love, love those clips!!

  2. Dina is understating her level of creativity! Oh my gosh, I have a years worth of the most unbelievable letters, artwork, and funny creative items she has come up with to make my trips to the mailbox become so much more motivating than my bills, LOL! In a world, of short attention spans and “I can’t wait to tell you!!!” we somehow managed to NOT cheat and text or call or email each other for the most part. We kept it to letters and crafting. Made it “Old School.” She is truly my bestie and definitely the most imaginative person I know! Keep creating DIna!!!

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