Letters, Mail Art and Vintage Stamps

I cannot describe the excitement I get when I receive a good old fashioned, hand written letter!  Snail mail is THE BEST!  Equally as exciting is replying with an 11 page – yes, you heard me – an 11 page response!  Typically, for a long letter I use wide ruled filler paper, colorful pens, rubber stamp images, cute stickers, washi tape and make my own “stationary”. I decorate as I write.  It is fun, whimsical and creative. I also try and decorate the envelopes as well.  My friend Michele and I typically write long letters to each other.  We have used super cute cards and stationary however, we prefer to use “our” stationary when we write.


Months ago I purchased a 12 x 12 paper pad online by KI Memories called “Funky Paper Pad II”.  I had no idea what I would do with many of the patterned papers in this pad so I decided to use some pages to create envelopes for my outgoing letters – including this one.



I have also included a couple of vintage stamps on the front of the envelope.  Since the letter is going to Virginia from Texas, I decided to use a couple of stamps from the 1982 State Birds and Flowers stamp sheet.  Don’t worry, once this is weighed at the post office I will add more vintage postage!


1 thought on “Letters, Mail Art and Vintage Stamps

  1. I also love snail mail! And I love all of the detail you put into this lost art!

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