My name is Dina, and I live in South Texas with my husband and 2 children. A little over a year ago, I became interested in paper crafts, letter writing and everything related to it! I started with making homemade cards, Janette Lane’s Pocket Letter projects and was matched with other people to exchange PL’s and other paper crafts. In between projects, we decided to write letters to each other. This is where I discovered my love of mail art. Did I mention I love to cook? I decided to create a blog where I could combine (and share with you) the two things I love to do – paper crafts and cooking….kind of like mixing things together in a bowl, like guacamole perhaps?

Feel free to leave a comment on any of my blog posts. In an effort to prevent spam, I have setup the comments section so I can approve the comments before they post.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to write me a letter!

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